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If you're looking for a new carpet, look no further than Primera Carpet One Floor & Home in Prescott Valley. Since we're part of Carpet One, we offer one of the area's best selections, and we also provide premium services, including carpet installation, every step of the way! So, visit our showroom today to work with one of our carpet experts!

Choosing the Best Type of Carpet

What's great about carpet is its versatility. You can choose from a variety of styles, colors, patterns, and constructions, so nothing is really considered off limits. However, this versatility does make choosing the best type of carpet a difficult task. You have to, for example, consider things such as design, foot traffic, and stain resistance. Fortunately, our experts can help you make the perfect choice for your setting! We'll consider your design and performance needs, and we'll make sure you're totally satisfied with the result.

One consideration to make up front is carpet fiber. There are a few different fibers, such as nylon and wool, that you can choose, so be sure to watch the video below to learn more:

Be sure to visit us in Prescott Valley to take advantage of our selection of carpet. We have Carpet One exclusives such as Lees and Tigressa.

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Types of Carpet

There are so many different types of carpet available, so the decision can certainly be daunting. Learn about the different types so you can get started on that next project.

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What warranties are available for carpet?

Some of our Carpet One exclusives, such as Lees, are backed by industry-leading warranties. We provide you with a quality carpet and peace of mind!

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What is the best carpet for my room?

Let our experts help you pick the carpet that best reflects your own style. And, we'll make sure we take your performance needs in mind!

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Carpet Remnants

Learn about our available carpet remnants at Primera Carpet One.

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