Deciding on what type of flooring to choose can be difficult especially if you are stuck between hard surface flooring and particularly carpet. Thankfully, you don't have to hesitant selection carpet for your bedroom or living room flooring needs! With our exclusive line of Tigressà carpet, you don't have to worry about spills, pet accidents, or the everyday wear. Primera Carpet One offers flooring options that are durable and affordable, specifically designed to hold up in active households with children and pets.

The Tigressà carpet line has really great features that all come down to the Science of Soft Carpetthe truth is in the facts. It's all about choosing quality flooring, no matter what category of flooring it is!

Tigressà Selection

Tigressà SoftStyle

Tigressà SoftStyle is unlike any ordinary carpet with its premier all nylon softness and strength, this carpet is featured as an all around great carpet for any home or family. As a great, mid-range carpet Tigressà SoftStyle offers that ultra-soft feel comfortable to the touch with added wear resistance and is 100% recyclable. 

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Tigressa Cherish Carpet

Tigressà Cherish

Next in line is the Tigressà extension, called Cherish, which is SUPER SOFT in comparison to the SoftStyle. Tigressà Cherish features super-strong, precision nylon fibers that havemore filaments per square inch which means it's not only extremely durable, it is also soft and holds rich color definition for much longer than traditional carpet. 

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Tigressà H20

For those families or extremely active households full of kids and pets, Tigressà H20 is the right carpet for you! Tigressà H20 embellishes a waterproof quality that prevents liquids and pet accidents from seeping through the carpet backing making cleanup much less maintenance. Even you miss a spill the first time, you can still clean it completely!

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