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Waterproof Flooring Options

New technology has made it possible to have a floor be functional as well as good looking. Waterproof flooring has given homeowners more flexibility than ever before. Primera Carpet One Floor & Home in Prescott Valley has everything you are looking for when it comes to waterproof flooring. Waterproof flooring is not just limited to hidden spaces in your home, you can install it anywhere, and is perfect for the active home with children and pets.

There is quite a difference between waterproof and water resistant floors. A waterproof floor has a core or backing that is made from materials that are not moisture absorbent. A water resistant floor simply has a surface that will not allow water to completely penetrate, but will eventually soak through. Although the floor itself might be waterproof, always be aware that your subfloor is not and that you still need to clean up spills as soon as possible.

Invincible H2O vinyl flooring

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring gives you the ability to have a wood floor in a high moisture area. 100% waterproof luxury vinyl is perfect for decorating bathrooms and kitchens alike. They are even perfect for mudrooms and beautiful enough for the bedroom.

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bel terra tile

Tile Flooring

Tile is one of the most popular waterproof floors around. Although different tiles have different resistance, you can install them in high moisture places such as kitchens, bathrooms, even in your laundry rooms.

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Tigressa Carpet

Waterproof Carpet

Carpet One has a carpet that is 100% waterproof, so you no longer have to worry about the accidental spill ruining your carpet all the way through to your subfloor. Tigressa H2O carpets are the perfect floor for an active home.

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