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tile backsplash

Tile Backsplashes

Tile Backsplashes

Do you want to completely transform the look of your kitchen or bathroom with tile? A tile backsplash is one of the best ways to accomplish the task, and at Primera Carpet One Floor & Home, we can help you do it! Our selection of tile will make it tough to choose just one, but that’s one of the many reasons why it’s so much fun to upgrade your home with a tile backsplash. If you want to learn about all of the benefits, continue reading below!



Create a Custom Backsplash

Tile is a material that will allow you to create whatever you can envision. Whether you want to combine a couple of different types of tiles, or you want to create texture in your space, tile will give you the ability to do it! For a unique touch, you can add borders, patterns, or install the tile in a pattern such as herringbone. Whether you choose ceramic, porcelain, or stone tiles, you can let your imagination run wild with your next custom backsplash.



Durable Protection

What once began as protection for kitchen walls continues to be a popular option for the same reason today. When you’re making a meal in your kitchen, it’s easy for spills and splatters to occur. Tile backsplashes protect the walls and keep messes from damaging your walls. In a bathroom, a tile backsplash protects your walls from high moisture levels and water splashes.



Easy Maintenance

It may seem like tile backsplashes offer an immense number of benefits, and they do! Tile is long-lasting and durable, so heavy maintenance isn’t required. Tile isn’t likely to crack or chip, so once it’s installed, you won’t have to worry much about replacing it. A tile backsplash won’t hold on to dirt or dust, so scrubbing grout lines and wiping down messes is easy.




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