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Pet-Friendly Carpet

The best pet-friendly carpets give you durability and peace of mind without sacrificing aesthetics or comfort.

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Pet-Friendly Carpet


About Pet-Friendly Carpet

With millions of busy homes counting dogs, cats, and other domestic animals among their family members, it's no wonder there's a market for pet-proof carpeting. But what cat-friendly carpet will best resist stains and odors after an unexpected accident? And what dog-friendly carpet will clean up easily after wet or muddy paw prints find their way throughout the house? 

What Is Pet-Friendly Carpet?

The best pet-friendly carpets give you durability and peace of mind without sacrificing aesthetics or comfort. It feels good under your feet and under Fido when he curls up for a nap. Unlike other flooring options, carpet also has the benefit of being skid-free, sound-dampening, and naturally insulating. 

The ultimate petproof carpet can have one or more of the following attributes:

  • Fade-resistant solution-dyed fibers
  • A backing engineered to provide a waterproof barrier
  • Cushioning used has a waterproof barrier


A carpet's style and its fiber material not only impact how it looks in your home but also if it's a good fit for your pets as well. 

Pet-friendly carpet fibers

Here are a few synthetic fibers that possess different characteristics and can work well in your pet-friendly home: 

  • Nylon is one of the most durable fibers available. It's a tried-and-true option that holds up to a slew of animals and kids alike, and without easily snagging. It also does a great job of resisting moisture, stains, and odors.
  • Triexta is a subclass of polyester that's specially made to resist stains. This surprisingly soft material actually repels moisture, making it odor-free and easy to clean. You'll often see this branded as SmartStrand.
  • Polyester is a budget-friendly alternative that has hydrophobic properties just like triexta, so it's moisture and stain resistant. It's a little less durable than nylon, so it wears best in less hectic households or areas with occasional traffic.
  • Olefin is a fade-resistant fiber that's commonly used for indoor/outdoor spaces and recreation areas. It offers natural stain resistance and the ability to repel both moisture and odor, making it a great choice for the entryway, where your dog's constantly running in and out.

Top pet-friendly carpet styles

From loop carpet like berber to cut pile styles like plush carpet, the options can feel endless.  Some carpet styles may align with your family’s need for pet friendly carpet more than others.

  • Casual texture is a type of cut pile carpeting with long, tightly twisted fibers that are intended to flop onto their sides. Because the side of the carpet strand is the strongest, frieze is incredibly durable and doesn't flatten like some other carpet types. It can be more difficult to clean since it can hide dirt, pet hair, and dander in its deeper pile.
  • Traditional texture carpeting is a more traditional cut pile and snag-resistant carpeting. Its lower profile and tight weave results in a soft, plush surface that's ideal for hiding wear and stains. It's also durable and affordable.

Expert tip: Loop carpet shouldn't be considered a pet-friendly carpet. The closed loops of yarn easily snag on pets' nails, potentially hurting them and the carpet fibers.


All carpet types and styles benefit from regular vacuuming, especially in pet-filled homes. Using a high-quality vacuum can ensure you capture the pet hair, dander, and dirt your critters leave behind. You may need to adjust its height, especially for higher-pile cut carpets. We recommend reviewing your manufacturer’s guidelines for proper maintenance. 

How you clean up following accidents, spills, and other messes will vary based on the fiber type you choose. Handle them as soon as possible by following your manufacturer's care instructions, which may suggest using a pet-friendly carpet cleaner or shampoo. 


We understand that it's often hard to know how many years you'll get from pet-friendly floors in your home. The lifespan of pet-friendly carpet differs for everyone, based on the following factors: 

  • Your family's activity level and traffic patterns
  • How well you maintain and care for the carpet over time
  • Whether it was installed properly and with high-quality materials
  • Whether you follow the carpet manufacturer's guidance

Fortunately, all of the pet-friendly carpet products at Carpet One Floor & Home come with stain and soil guarantees that last from 15 years or more.


Carpet installation is laborious, but you don’t have to worry about wasting your time cutting and measuring carpet. Our experienced professionals are here to guarantee a successful carpet installation. Our professional installers will start by ensuring your subfloor is clean and dry. A pet-friendly carpet padding is laid down, followed by your carpet selection, which is measured and cut to fit. 

Depending on your carpet product, the pros then stretch the material, tack it down and securely adhere it to the floor so that your pets can begin enjoying their new carpets in no time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of carpet is best if you have pets?

Carpet styles without loops that are solution dyed will be the best option for households with pets. When it comes to the type of fiber, nylon is a great choice for homes with pets. This particular synthetic fiber delivers extreme resilience, even faced with the heaviest traffic. A chemical treatment helps it strongly resist stains.

What is the best carpet to have with dogs?

If you’re looking for a dog-friendly carpet, you most likely already know that it needs to be resilient, comfortable, and resistant to stains, odors, and accidents. That said, solution dyed carpeting without loops and with a low pile is optimal.

Does pet-proof carpet work?

Yes! Pet-friendly carpets do work, particularly if you match your home's specific needs with the fiber characteristics that align. Some synthetic carpet fibers naturally repel moisture and stains while others, like nylon, need to be chemically treated. Keep that in mind as you choose the best pet-friendly carpet for your space. 

Is there a dog pee-proof carpet?

Synthetic carpet fibers that are hydrophobic and repel moisture make good dog-friendly carpet that protects your flooring from urine and other liquids. A carpet with a waterproof backing will prevent urine from seeping into the cushion or subfloor.

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