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Hardwood Flooring in Prescott Valley, Arizona


Primera Carpet One Floor & Home in Prescott Valley, Arizona, is your local hardwood flooring store. We have a quality selection of wood flooring options for your home or business. Our professionally trained team can answer any question you have and provide design inspiration and advice. We proudly serve Prescott Valley, Yavapai County, and the Quad City areas.


Modern hardwood flooring offers a wide range of benefits. It’s allergy-friendly, easy to clean, and increases property value. Hardwood floors can also last for decades if properly cared for, making them a long-lasting investment. We have everything you need when it comes to hardwood flooring.


Best Hardwood Flooring Styles

You’ll find a variety of hardwood styles in our showroom. The species of wood determines many aspects of its appearance. Hardwood flooring manufacturers can also stain, texture, and construct planks for different aesthetic appeals. For instance, you’ll find light wood floors with smooth, high gloss finishes and dark wood colors with rustic textures. You’ll also notice we have extra-wide planks, options with beveled edges, and even multi-color wood floors.


What Hardwood Species Is Best?

From gorgeous natural oak floors to rich, dark mahogany, walnut, and cherry, there are many different hardwood species to consider. Each has unique characteristics like hardwood colors, grain patterns, hardness levels, and varying degrees of moisture resistance. You’ll also notice some products have special certifications that indicate that they came from sustainably managed forests.


What Are the Different Types of Hardwood Flooring?

Today, there are two major hardwood flooring types on the market – solid and engineered hardwood. Solid wood is the traditional form, with each solid plank made of genuine hardwood throughout. Engineered floors are a more modern option and utilize a layered construction with a real wood veneer at the top to give it the natural look and feel of hardwood.


Why Choose Solid Hardwood Flooring?


Why Choose Engineered Hardwood Flooring?


Does Moisture Affect Hardwood?

Hardwood is a porous material, meaning it absorbs moisture and reacts to changes in weather and humidity. Hardwood flooring is best suited for dry areas of your home. Engineered hardwood can be installed on all levels and even in some light-moisture areas like hallways and kitchens. Solid wood is only recommended for above-grade, dry rooms, such as bedrooms and living rooms.


Where Can Hardwood Flooring Be Installed?


Where Can I Shop the Best Hardwood Flooring Near Me?

For all your hardwood flooring needs in Prescott Valley, AZ, Primera Carpet One Floor & Home has you covered! We carry many of the best hardwood flooring brands on the market, including our very own Carpet One exclusive brands that offer superior durability and style at incredible prices. Contact us today or stop by our showroom to view our flooring samples and learn more, or start shopping our hardwood flooring selection online now!




Learn More About Hardwood


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Caring for Hardwood Flooring

Taking care of your hardwood floors is a lot easier than you think with these simple tips and tricks.